Veterinary Sales and Service, Inc.

Small Ruminant ewe and lamb


Sheep, Goats, Llamas and Deer

VSS700                    Click on image for more info


VSS100                            Click on image for more info

For Veterinarians and Larger Breeders
Durable Design, Excellent Image Quality 
Long Battery Life      

9 Hour Battery Life*     

  • Premium Image for EZ Accurate Preg Checks
  • Palm Mount, Wrist Mount or Carry Case
  • Durable Design
          *6 Hour internal Battery plus 3 Hour External Battery Pack

The First PregChecker Designed       
For Smaller Breeders        

  • EZ to Use - Just Turn on & Scan
  • Accurate Early Preg Checks Save NPSD
  • Affordable Price Allow for Quick ROI
  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable Service
  • 3 Hour Battery Life

  • 10.4" LCD Monitor
  • 11 pounds
  • Bovine, Equines, Swine, Canine and Feline Software
  • Save over 1600 Images
  • Full Digital Processing

Tringa Linear Vet

A truly portable (less than 2 lbs!) ultrasound system with the image quality, durability and reliability required by today’s large animal veterinarian. The Tringa Linear is small in size, but comes up big by delivering exceptional diagnostic power.