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SV-1 Wireless EZ PregChecker 

             Introducing The New


                    SV-1 Wireless 

                EZ Preg Checker


Special Introductory Pricing From $2,695*

Technician Scanning with SV-1 EZ Pregchecker

The SV-1

  • Creates Its Own Wireless Network
  • Exceptional Image Quality with iPad Display
  • Waterproof iPad Case Included
  • Digital Images Easily Stored and Retrieved
  • Cine Memory Stores 100 Frames of Video for Easy Review of Current Scan
  • Future Software Upgrades Easily Downloaded
  • Easy to Learn and Comfortable to Use
  • No Cables
  • Two-Year Warranty

       * $2,995 Including iPad Mini

SV-1 30 day image  SV-1 Open image 

Freeze on Probe  Water Resistant Probe Ear Tag Reader Wireless Charging


  • Wireless iPad Operation
  • 3.5 MHz Transducer
  • Depth: 100-180 mm
  • 256 Gray shades
  • 4 Hour Battery Life
  • Weight: 6.8 oz

     Next Software Upgrade (Scheduled January 2016) to Include:

  • Ear Tag Reader
  • Back Fat Software

     Future Software Upgrade (Summer/Fall 2016) Planned to Include:

  • RFID Reader
  • Integration with Commercial Production Software


  "Better GEL makes for better images."
  We recommend Parker Aquasonic Gel.
Parker Aquasonic  Gel

    5.0 Liter refill (includes one 0.25L dispensing bottle)
    Case of four 5.0 Liter refills
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